6 Best Exercises for Wider Shoulders

18 Jul

One of the critical parts of having a large body is to have really wide shoulders. Being hard to get the widest shoulders you can have we wanted to make it a bit simpler so here are 6 Best Exercises For Wider Shoulders.

Step 1 : Raise the bar toward your chin by leading with your elbows. When your upper arms are parallel to the floor, stop the pull, and lower the bar along the same path it was raised.

Step 2 : At the top of your range of motion, your elbows should be higher than your wrists.

Step 1 : Position yourself on a bench or chair with your back upright and straight. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand and hold them just outside of each shoulder with your thumbs pointing in toward each other.

Step 2 : Simply press the dumbbells up over your head and return to the start position just outside your shoulders

Step 1 : Sit on a flat bench and hold a pair of dumbbells at the level of your shoulders. Your palms should be facing inward, and your elbows should point to the side.

Step 2 : Turn both of your wrist outward until your arms face away from you. At the same time, fully extend arms overhead. Hold for one second and then return to the starting position.

Step 1 : While staring with back straight, hold the dumbbells with both hands. The dumbbells should be positioned next to your side. 

Step 2 : Raise your arms out to the side. Keep your arms straight. hold for one second and then return to starting position.

Step 1 : Sit on a bench, inclined forward, foot on the floor together. Raise the dumbbells to the side is you can keeping your hand straight and slowly go back to your start position.

Step 1 : While standing with back straight, hold the weight with both hands. Weight positioned in from of your thighs. 

Step 2 : Raise your arms in front of you until the are parallel with the ground. Hold for one second and then return to your starting position.